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gigidi is the site to add the stuff that makes up your life: whether it's the things you buy, or the places and events you go to. Use gigidi to keep track of the things and experiences you have and want, and easily share them with friends. Learn about the various uses for your gigidi account.

Free Bookmarklet Tool

Quick & Easy Adding with Just 1-click

Get our gigidi bookmarketlet tool to share what you find when surfing or shopping online. Add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar and click this button whenever you find an item online that you want to save. Get more help on installing the bookmarklet tool.

Add to gigidi

<-- Drag this button to your Bookmarks/Favorites Toolbar
     or right-click & add it to your Favorites

Free iPhone App

Download our Free iPhone App

Share stuff with friends while on the go. The gigidi iPhone app allows you to upload your stuff to your gigidi account when you're mobile, such as when you're out shopping, trying a new restaurant, or traveling. Upload existing photos from your iPhone, or take a picture to show your friends your latest haves & wants. Visit the iTunes store now to download our free gigidi iPhone app.

Download this free app from the Apple Store

How it all Works

Bookmarklet Tool: Whenever you see something on the web that you'd like to add to your gigidi account, just click your "Add to gigidi" bookmark in your toolbar. A pop up will appear where you can scroll to select which picture to use from the web page, categorize it, and give an optional description. Click the "Add Stuff" button and the item will be posted to your account. The tool will automatically grab the URL for you, so you can always go back to where you orginally found the item.

iPhone App: Open your gigidi iPhone app and either choose an existing photo from your library or take a new one. Select if you have or want the item, enter in a description, and push upload. The item will be posted to your gigidi account.

Please see example below:

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